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Speedy 1.5mm 4x14 Yellow


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 ST Speedy- A solid tip wire stemmed float designed by Nick Speed as a go to float for much of his pellet and meat fishing. A wire stem and body down shape provide ultimate stability whilst the super bright solid nylon tip helps with sensitivity. Available in 1.2mm and 1.5mm bristles. The 1.5mm is better suited to bigger carp and summer F1 fishing whilst the 1.2mm provides better bite detection when things are a bit tougher. This float has already found its way into the rig trays of one or two other top anglers.

New ultra matt lightweight finish helping the float sit properly every time.

Roahcell 110igf body

1.5mm solid plastic tip

0.5  Steel wire

Always use 4 rubbers on the floats stem

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